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Coping Skills

POSITIVE COPING SKILLS are things to do instead of hurting yourself or others. They take your mind off of what you are thinking. They can be the simplest things that you would never think of like painting your nails or going for a safe walk. They can save your life but only if you use them right.

Coping Skills:
Cry, Run, Exercise, Scream Alone, Draw Alone, Talk To Friends, Write, Take a Bath, Video Games, Read, Watch Movies, Play with a Pet, Rip Something Up, Light Candles, Scream in a Pillow, Youth Group, Talk on the Phone, Talk on-line, Listen to the Radio, Yoga, Re-arrange things, Clean, Meditate, Pray, Listen the Music, Dance, Mosh, Go to Sports Event, Do Your Hair, Make Clothes, Arts & Crafts, Watch TV, Go to Movies, Cook, Go to Gallery, Play an Instrument, Write a Word over and over again, Grocery Shop, Color, Pamper, Dye Hair, Free Writing, Write in a Journal, Cold Shower, Singing, Act, Crack Knuckles, Fake Tatttoos, Sports, Surf, Makeup, Tan, Tye Dye, Go to Friends, Bake, Take A Walk, Hacky sac, Walk the Dog, Go to Mall, Skateboard, Go Skating, Drink Tea, Tell a Joke, Try on Clothes, Re-arrange Patches, Yard Sale, Go to Work, Do Laundry, Swim, Ice Skate, Eat Out, Talk to Someone New, Walk Away, Play with Velcro, and many more. If you would like to see more just ask.

dont let a man hurt you
Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line
dont let them screw a hole through your heart

I hope we help.

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