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Bloody and Hated

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Meaningful Messages

some things i wrote some things i didnt

I love you has eight letters... but so does bullshit.
[ 22:03 / 09|27 ] life is so screwy. when u like a guy they just want to b friends or they hate ur guts, but when u just want to b friends the guy wants to rent a movie n not watch it with u in your house i thought everyone deserved a chance to be a good person .. i thought they deserved as many chances as people were willing to give, but now i see the truth. the only person in life u depend on is urself because everyone else tries to screw up ur life even more ... i may hate my father for the life he never gave me, but i love him for the chance he gave me to meet all the people i have throughout my life. Amanda
Boys are like bathroom stalls. all the good ones are taken and all the others are full of crap.
 i want to be with you forever. you make me so happy. you make me feel like all my problems have gone away when i am with you. i miss you every sec. i am not with you. like right now....
Good little girls and Bad little boys that like to play in the shadows...self-expression and statements that you won't find on a Catholic School Uniform.
 i cry myself to sleep and wake up in tears hold onto you and your not there i cut myself deep in my sleep i cant do it because i want us to have a second chance but i can try and fail it would make me happy to know i can so when the time is right i will succeed my love for you will never go away there is no point in me living in pain i just have to leave my hopes and dreams that you gave me i love you come back
a girl asked a guy if she was pretty, he said no. she asked him if he wanted her, he said no. she asked him if she left would he cry, he said no. she turned to go out the door and he grabbed her arm and said you're not pretty; you're beautiful. i don't want you; i need you. and i wouldn't cry if you left.. i would die.
A meaningful word makes me think. A meaningful sentence makes smile. A meaningful person makes me sad for all who mean somethin to me, like the world or they have taken my heart, will leave today, tomorrow, or someday. No one every lasts, no one ever stays, no one ever tells the truth. How can i believe you if all i hear is lies, what should make me believe you? Dont leave me, i need you, i believe you i just dont want it to be a lie
 Don't say you love me unless it's true because I might do something stupid like believe you.
My love will stay for you, true love last forever, when you break my heart my love will fade slowly. You can only hate someone you once loved…
Who ever really cares? Who ever really dares Why do people lie? So many secrets are held until people die So much regret So much that people fret No one can help at all They only watch and laugh when you fall When you think you have a friend They might backstab you in the end No one really cares No one ever dares
life is wothless you are worth everything my love will fade for him my love for you will grow the pain will fade the happiness will grow

i wrote
surfing the web

my tears drop.....
full of blood. for you..

life...... .

I love you....wat words can explain that??