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Bloody and Hated

Meaningful Messages
Your something else...
~My Friends!!~
my writin

my writin

This is me. If you dont like it, deal with it.

Warning: May be counfusing.

he lays there
so small
so innocent
a voice that
wasn't heard
a body that
wasn't feed
a heart that
wasn't loved
he lays there
so cold
so dead
why in this
world is noone
ever really and
truly happy?
why is everyone
dead inside
no matter if
there rich or poor
homeless or not
clothless or not
no flowing heart
all the tears
that i cried
all the pain
that i cut deep inside
the feelings
that wouldn't go away
the feelings that fade away
it was all for you
you piece of shit
piece of nothing
you were never
and never will be
worthy of my love
that i gave
now your gone
i live with love
giving and gave
this isnt all

 yesterday i was thinkin about u. so i looked up at the stars. i put them to gether i saw ur face.right then i knew u loved me
   all i wanna say is that ur my shinin star