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Bloody and Hated

Meaningful Messages
Your something else...
~My Friends!!~
my writin

Your something else...

You are my everything, i want to show you it but your not here...

Since i met you,
all I can think about
is making you happy.
I want to see your smile
and hear your laughter.
I want to kiss away
old hurts and hold you until
you know without a doubt
that this is for real.
I want to memorize
the sound of your voice
and the dreams in your heart....
More than anything else
I want to make you happier
than you have been ever before
and give you all the things
that you truly deserve.

I think of you when i read this so you are so special i put it here~

iknow i smile
but its all just a cover

\'\        |``||~|  \'*\ /*'/    
 \ \,.     |  ||  |   \  V  /       
  \LUV\__  ';  V  ,    \   /         
    \__._\  `.,,'      \_/

      g out of place
          and into your