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Bloody and Hated

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guess wat....i got a live journal thingy of my here it is:
10/28/04 2:00 pm-
in video tec. and its pretty borin...tomorrow i get out of third and forth period. YAHOO!!!! (stage crew) so life is not so good for all the reasons it is always but it is sooo frickin hot in here! i think i am fat...lots of jelly i hate them. ppl say i am beautiful and if you think i am or not contact me and tell me wat you think..k?? well this class is almost over meanin skool is almost over. so ttyl. come and chat with me sometime. all u have to do is go to my contact page and contact me in any way. <3 (<3 = heart if you didnt know )
10/29/04 05:26pm-
talkin to steve on the phone...we (steve, steve, calub, hailey, and ME!) r supposed to go to acko but we might get rained out so steve says we should go Chuky Cheese. i dont think i have ever been there. i took a shower and there was black dripping in between my boobs and then it was weird. but like i am really bored and i am thinkin maybe i should have gone to the mall with everyone. when i go they dont, when they dont..but i really dont have my reason to go anymore b/c Josh moved to FUCKIN MAINE!!! is my friend but doesnt even act like a friend unless they want something. i dont know.... . i miss very very much. i got in troble today for my dress and attitude. i had to go to the office, and didnt have enough time to finish my project and that really sux...bad. well ttyl <3  (JOSH come home)

your all just one big lie...