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Bloody and Hated

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~My Friends!!~

long time ago, things have changed since then...
Hey, (if i forget you tell me) Megan, Doobie, Nat, Jenn, Katie, Heather, Caroline, Alex, Ozzy, Amber, Kelly, Korryn, Alysha, Jamie, Cody, Tj, Gabe,  Jessie, Colin, Sonny, Bret, Amanda, Brooke, Chelsay, Jamie, Kelso, Soph, Varonica, BRITT, Brian, Steve, Steve, Hailey, Glen, Amanda, Jenelle and all the rest
wives:Jess, Britt, Jackie, the other Britt, Courtney, Shelbe, and many. cant remember....yea.
Wifey: Korryn and Jenelle (since last year!!)
Husband- Doobie
fience- Alysia and Cody
b/f- got none
g/f- kelso aka: the devil
lover- joanna (girl lover)
jason (guy lover)
sister: jamie- aka lesbian lover
special sisters- Heather, Brittany
brother- tj

how i feelis a do you feel
                                      about me..?

all this hate has become so real that everything might as well be lost